What to do when you don't know what to do.

So… things aren’t going quite the way you hoped they would when you started your business.

You aren’t getting the clients, leads, or engagement you want. (We’ve all been there.) 

But you know a lot. You’re smart. You have a vision. You work hard, put yourself out there, learn new things.

But it’s clear something isn’t working... you’re just not sure what exactly. 

And you can’t fix what you can’t see...


I’m Shannon Gallagher and I provide business owners with actionable clarity and direction for their business. I created THE PLAN to help you get a clear picture of what is really going on in your business so you know exactly what’s not working (and how to fix it).

I don’t need to tell you that online businesses have A LOT of moving parts — branding, websites, social media, programs and products, email sequences, and content, content, content. It’s enough to make your head spin (I know mine did at first). 

I’ve seen so many business owners get stuck and spin out when things aren’t going well and they don’t know what part is to blame. Am I calling myself the right thing? Does my copy suck? Are my packages priced too high (or maybe too low)? Is it my Insta?

Without knowing the problem you can’t know the solution. 


And who wants to waste their time overhauling everything when just a few strategic tweaks will do?

I offer my clients an in-depth assessment of what the hell is really going on in their business, so that they can focus their energy and efforts on the things that will make the biggest impact and get it in gear. 

So, when you have no clients (or you have a whole lotta clients you don’t like).... 

… you aren’t making the money you want to be making…’re beyond frustrated, totally overwhelmed, and doubting every decision you’ve ever made… 

... you’re spending more time looking at other people’s businesses than working in your own business (because you don’t know what the f*** you’re doing but you think they surely do)...  

... you feel like you just can’t see the forest for the trees… 

... you just want someone to swoop in and solve it all for you.

You need a plan. 

Not just any plan, but THE PLAN for YOUR business. 

Without a clear picture of where you are at and where you need to go, you just cannot know how to get there. And if you don’t get a handle on what’s not working soon, then you won’t be working at all… at least not for yourself. 

With THE PLAN you’ll know exactly what’s missing and what to do about it. 

You’ll be energized and excited to get to work, knowing that the steps you are taking are the right ones to get you clients and help you grow. 

Before my session with Shannon I was so OVERWHELMED. Her feedback on my business and my marketing was decisive, clear and ON POINT. It was beyond helpful. I walked away with a very clear plan of action for what systems to implement, how to implement them and how to tweak my current content. She is a pro—SIGN UP!
— Erin Foley, Career Coach

With THE PLAN you get a:

• Pre-session deep dive to get a full sense of what is currently going on in your business

• Full business audit including website, social, systems, emails, etc. to identify the holes and how to fix them

• Personalized report outlining the top 3 things that need to change so you can take focused action on them immediately

• 90 minute strategy session to review the audit results and outline your plan

Price $297  

Ready to plan your way to success? 

Requirements to book this session:

—a website, social media account, or other home on the internet (in other words, something for me to review to get a sense of what you’re currently doing in your business)

—total willingness to accept feedback and TAKE ACTION

I was feeling stuck and uncertain in the direction of my business and what I needed to do to grow it. You offered a way to stop the overthinking and get into action. You also offered a way to move forward that didn’t require beating myself up.
— Christine Obee, Career Coach


I don’t really know what my business is yet… will this help me figure that out? 

No, sorry. Since I can’t review something that doesn’t exist, you’ll need to have a business up-and-running or in the works to get the most out of this session.  


Will you be providing me with copy for my website or Instagram with this? 

Nope. But, if we identify that things need to change with your copy, we will totally go over how to best make those changes so you feel confident getting it done! 


What’s the difference between this and THE MESSAGE? Which one do I need? 

THE PLAN is for business owners who aren’t quite sure what isn’t working in their business and need an objective and experienced set of eyes on it to figure it out. THE MESSAGE is for business owners who know that their problem is their message, target market or value proposition.  


Do you offer a payment plan?  

I sure do. If it works better for you to split the investment into 2-4 monthly payments, we can totally arrange that. Just email me and let me know what works best for you. P.S. All payment plans are subject to an extra $25 on each payment. 

I felt like everything that was in my head in a big jumbled mess made sense.  Understanding words to use and not use - big, big shifts.
— LaKay Cornell, The Cornell Agency