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Gain total clarity around your message, your target audience, and how to align the two in an effective, easy-like-Sunday-morning way. 

You desperately want to stand out from “the rest of them,” but feel fake, forced, scammy, or generic in your messaging.

It’s like the Wild West up in your brain. You know the pieces but haven’t gotten them together to where you can say — anyplace, anytime, to anyone — what makes you special and why your ideal client would want to work with you. 

You feel like people just don’t really get what you do, and so you aren’t getting the clients you really want.

If only they really knew you and what you were offering, they’d be all over it. 


Frustrated, self-conscious, and ashamed in degrees from "just a touch" to “just shoot me now” is not how you want to feel when you’re talking to someone about your work and the value it provides. 

Not only does it feel shitty, it's not effective. 

And fear of that tongue-tied and overwhelmed feeling is enough to make any business owner — no matter how experienced, well-trained, or otherwise confident — want to avoid networking, marketing, and writing. Fo sho. 

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I’m Shannon Gallagher and I help evolving business owners position themselves and their brands with confidence and ease.

I created THE MESSAGE to help you get crystal clear on what your message is, who it’s for, and why it matters so you can confidently get the word out without sounding generic, overly chirpy, or fake. 

I bring my clients out from hiding in the murky swamp of confusion, “comparisitis,” and overwhelm, into the light where they KNOW exactly what to say, who to say it to, and how to say it.

Together we break down what it is you really want to say about your business and put it into words that feel totally authentic and speak directly to the most pressing needs of your ideal clients (not all those folks you don’t really like but keep attracting).

I’ll take the jumble of information in your head that feels totally confusing and distill it down into a clear, consistent, and compelling message, value proposition, and pitch so you can put yourself out there and do the work you really want to do, for the people and prices you really want to do it for. 

Real talk: When you don’t know how to talk about what you do and why it matters, your ideal clients can’t find you, and your business will either fail or be a total drag. No money and zero satisfaction is not a sustainable business plan. 

So if you…

…suspect your murky messaging is the reason you aren’t attracting your dream clients...

…feel totally unclear on how to present something (i.e. YOURSELF) to people in a concise way...

...don’t know how to position your work to your ideal market in a way that they get it, see the value in it, and are willing to pay for it...

…are nervous you’ll offend people by being yourself...

…aren’t sure you’re writing what your audience wants to hear...

…feel like you can’t move forward until you figure this out...

Then it’s time to sort this out.

Say hello to actionable CLARITY and DIRECTION. 

—Get totally clear on who your market is. 

—Know how to position yourself to that market.

—Learn how to talk about yourself and your work in a way that feels natural, totally authentic, and professional. 

Shannon helped me ‘clear the cobwebs’ around my philosophy and my niche, helped me craft exactly what I need to say without losing my voice and provided a much-needed kick in the pants to own what I believe in while telling my inner critic to piss off. In just one day of working with her I feel positive that I have all the tools I need to get into my ideal clients’ mindset for the message to resonate with them.
— Erika Hurst, Hurst Strength

Here's how it works:

• I send you some Pre-work to help you dive deep into your true purpose/message. This helps you get focused for our strategy session and helps me get caught up so we can get to the really important stuff beneath the confusion and overwhelm.

• We dive into a 90-minute strategy session to make sure you have a super solid handle on your target market and to help you develop a clear, consistent, and compelling message, value proposition, and pitch.

• 48 hours later, I send you a Message Guide outlining all the details from the call, so you can refer back to it anytime things start to feel murky again.

Price $497 

Ready to get clear? Click here to sign up now. 

Requirements to book this session:

• A side or full-time business, or at least a solid idea of what your business is and who you (think you) serve

• Total willingness to show up, dig in, and receive feedback  

Learn how clients 10Xed their following, grew their business online, and landed bigger, better paying clients with THE MESSAGE. 

Shannon is a fantastic resource for creating clarity on who your target audience is, why they are, what your best resource is for them and how they want to be talked to by someone who does what you do.
— Deirdre Fentem, Little Red Promotions

I don’t really know what my business is yet… will this help me figure that out? 

No, sorry. You’ll need to have at least a solid idea of what your business is to sign up for this. I don’t help people figure out what to do, I help them figure out how to talk about it. But, if you know what you do (like coaching or design) but are still trying to decide how to niche within your field, that is definitley something we can sort out together.

Will you be providing me with copy for my website or Instagram with this? 

Nope. But I will be providing you with a neat summation of your message, value prop, and elevator pitch (in your own voice) which you’re welcome to use as you’d like, and some clear instruction on how to best use the new information in your copy going forward. 


What’s the difference between this and THE SHIFT? Which one do I need? 

THE MESSAGE is for business owners at any stage who need some quick, actionable clarity on their message, audience, and value proposition. At the end of the 90 minute THE MESSAGE strategy session you’ll walk away with the clarity and direction you need, a brief guide to refer back to, and a whole lot more confidence. THE SHIFT is for business owners several years into their business, who are facing the unique challenge of evolving their message and market. The process is slightly longer (5-7 days) and offers not just clarity and direction, but a whole done-for-you strategy/plan that includes: new messaging and elevator pitch, a clear value proposition, a brand language style guide, core content themes and topics for blogs/newsletters, social media guide, media guide with topics and places for  pitching, 3 strategies for getting new evolved clients, and a few fun bonuses. 

I’m so confused I’m not even sure what I need… can you help me figure that out? 

For sure, lovely. You can shoot me an email at and I’m happy to point you in the right direction. Also, check out THE PLAN. Like THE MESSAGE, it’s a one-time strategy session, but is for folks like you who aren’t sure what’s not working and just need a set of eyes on your business to help you figure it out. THE PLAN gives you a full business audit and personalized report with top 3 things that need to change. 


Do you offer a payment plan?  

I sure do. If it works better for you to split the investment into 2-4 monthly payments, we can totally arrange that. Just know that all payment plans are subject to an extra $25 on each payment. 

Shannon is a clarity master! My message was all over the place. I was trying to infuse my voice while incorporating what I thought would sell. The message was confusing and I was struggling. Working with Shannon helped me dive deep into what I was trying to say while receiving validation that my voice is the voice that will attract my target clients. I now have the confidence and the benchmark messaging for my brand to approach writing posts and copy with ease.
— Megan Elgart, Life Coach
Before working with Shannon, I was feeling really unclear—not only about how to talk about my work, but also about who my ideal client is and what she’s looking for. Shannon helped me bring all of these elements in to much sharper focus. Now, I feel confident I can speak directly to my ideal clients in a way that feels really clear and aligned, both for me and for them. In just one day, I’ve gone from feeling fairly unsure about whether or not what I’m doing is valuable to anyone to feeling like I know exactly who and how I’m looking to serve. I can’t wait to infuse this messaging into all the various aspects of my business!
— Tyla Fowler, Editor