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"As long as I’m speaking my truth, those who are attracted to my message will find me, stick around, and be the best fit for what I offer.”

Erika Hurst


Erika is a strength coach, fitness professional, and gym owner.

In addition to helping women get super strong (inside and out), she helps them change their view of fitness and break free from ineffective diets and workouts. 

When I met Erika she was doing everything right. She was running a successful gym, regularly creating powerful content chock full of personality and must-know health and fitness info, and had a tight social media presence. 

But something was off. 

Though she was attracting clients, they weren’t the kind of clients Erika could really be her full, most effective self with. So she was holding back — not just in the gym but in her content.

“I preach a message of positivity, balance, simplicity, and acceptance — that you need to love, care for, and accept your body in order to change it,” Erika said at the time. “And I think that has been a little misconstrued.” 

She was right, it was being misconstrued. The clients that were attracted to Erika were the ones who wanted positivity and acceptance… but not the kind of positivity and acceptance she was actually selling. 

They wanted help feeling positive and satisfied staying right where they were.  

The missing piece of Erika’s message was her “woman up” tough love mentality. But she was leaving it out because she’d become nervous that she’d offend people. And in doing so, she was leaving a piece of her genius (and crucial part of her positioning) out of the mix. 

She felt scattered, and even though she was creating regular content, she didn’t feel good about it. “With my message being totally all over the place, I had no solid foundation to create content from. This made my writing kind of random and intangible, as I wasn’t speaking truly with my own voice — even though I thought I was!” 

To give her content the edge that would really speak to the clients she wanted — those who wanted to cultivate acceptance and some badass strength — Erika had to bring her whole self, tough love and all. 

Shannon’s messaging service gave me not only clarity, but the confidence to speak authentically with my brand’s voice. It helped me learn how to communicate in a way that speaks directly to my target market and let go of attempting to write in a way that pleases everyone.

“I’m less afraid to say or do things that might make me lose followers or potential clients because I realize this is no longer a bad thing, as those people just don’t align with my message and that’s ok. As long as I’m speaking my truth, those who are attracted to my message will find me, stick around, and be the best fit for what I offer.” 

The result? A way better market. And today, Erika is in the process of moving part of her business online, a move that wouldn’t have been possible without a strong, confident message. (It’s a jungle out there.) 

Ready for some actionable clarity of your own?


For more on Erika visit her website or follow @hurststrengthct or @erikahurst on Instagram.