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“I make more money while spending less time explaining the value of social media marketing.” 

Deirdre Fentem


Deirdre is the expert at the helm of Little Red Promotions.

Little Red provides strategy and social media marketing customization and management for established businesses looking to deepen their online presence, strengthen their connections, and optimize their engagement.  

A couple years into running her own business, Deirdre found herself dissatisfied with how things were going. She realized that she’d made a common mistake when she first got started — she under-marketed the value of her services and way undersold herself.

So even though she was an established business owner with a ton of experience and expertise, Deirdre was undercharging (trading too much time for not enough money) and attracting clients that just weren’t a good fit. 

Her business was not growing in a sustainable way and she was fired up to go for the bigger, better paying clients she knew she could serve. 

“I needed to acknowledge and stand by the experience and expertise I provided clients while also finding clients who could pay the money it takes to have the kind of service I offer.” 

Once she had honed in on her self-sabotaging mindset and how it was negatively impacting her message (and therefore business), Deirdre just needed help nailing the language and approach she’d need for her ideal target market. 

Together we honed in on who exactly this new upleveled client was, what exactly they needed, and why Deirdre could provide it. She learned how to speak to these dream clients in a way that would resonate and reassure. 

She updated her messaging and social media content, and began to not only attract her dream clients, but feel confident enough to reach out to them

The result? Deirdre has tapped into a better market of people who are not only wiling to pay her higher prices, but who understand her value from the jump. “I make more money while spending less time explaining the value of social media marketing.” 

Working with you certainly pushed my business to where I needed it to be to start working for me. 

Ready for some actionable clarity of your own?



For more on Deirdre and Little Red Promotions visit her website, follow @littleredpromotions on Instagram, or @littleredpromo on Facebook.