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"I really feel like I know what the hell I'm doing."

Anne Grey


Anne is an author, consultant, and advocate.

When Anne started her business a year and a half ago she was excited to share her empowering post-divorce insights and experiences with the world. She wanted to help other women embrace the freedom of single life after 40, use technology to meet nice men, and enjoy a fun, satisfying sex life. 

But after six months of blogging she was feeling unfocused. “I was kind of all over the place, and stuck talking about a subject that I really didn’t want to be talking about any longer,” Anne recalls. “I didn’t understand my true target and I wasn’t confident with my voice. I was just putting it all out there and hoping for the best.” 

Even though Anne really wanted to be using her budding platform to talk about the things that excited her — tech, sex, and freedom — she was still mostly writing about her divorce. And while that content was well-written and resonating with the folks reading it, it wasn’t cultivating the authentic audience she actually wanted for her business

When Anne came to me for help with her messaging, she was struggling to come up with relevant and relatable topics, couldn’t trust herself, and was doubting that her writing was ever going to make an impact. 

The root of her problem was that the message she was putting out with her content (healing from divorce) was not aligned with her true message and offer (a fun, sexy embrace of the single life). She was seeing this disconnect in her audience, and feeling it in her frustration. 

So we clearly defined her target audience, validated her voice (with a few strategic tweaks), and came up with some content ideas that relayed her true objectives. 

The results? Massive confidence and massive action. 

—Anne’s Instagram followers have jumped from 700 to over 10K. 

—Her list has grown to over 400 subscribers. 

—Her blog traffic has skyrocketed. 

—She’s been interviewed on several influential podcasts. 


I’m extremely confident that my content is compelling and makes sense to the women who I want to have as followers. That confidence is invaluable. I really feel like I know what the hell I am doing.

Getting clear on her message and owning her voice provided Anne with the solid foundation she needed to to build her dream business. “I still refer to the guide from our work together quite often — it’s my ‘gold’ when I feel like I need to refocus.”

Her plan is to keep growing an authentic following as fast and furious as possible and start monetizing her blog via partnerships with brands and affiliates. And though she feels her work is a bit tricky because she often talks about embracing sexuality, she knows that her words are connecting with the right women, because of her clear messaging.

“I know that my work is resonating with women — I get a lot of DMs on Instagram — and that is incredibly gratifying. My passion for this subject is only increasing.” 

Ready for some actionable clarity of your own?


For more on Anne, visit her website or follow @annegreysays on Instagram.